Better than u | Ep 7 Part 3

Better than u | Ep 7 Part 3

Ali’s kiss reasons riots and the entire situation changes. Efsun reacts badly to Ali telling him how dare he kiss her. Emir leaves irritated and disenchanted.

Pervin in any case attempts to persuade Emir to get back to the center, yet Emir responds straight away by means of letting him know that not entirely set in stone to return, this makes Pervin extremely cheerful. Binur illuminates Efsu roughly Emir, a cheerful Efsu salutes Emir for his decision, but he turns dreadful.

Efsun is greatly surprised while Emir tells him that he’ll go back, however she can depart the sanatorium and that this is what should have been accomplished from the start. Efsun starts to suspect that all the pointers that he could renounce had been false and Emir confirms this, she leaves dissapointed.

Efsun could be very upset by way of Emir’s phrases and is going to chill out on the opposite side of the shore, wherein Sarp additionally accompanies him, where they cry together. Efsun, in tears, says that she has decided to go back to Antep and that she has no motive to stay in Istanbul.

After the verbal exchange with Sarp, Efsun returns to her house and remembers the moments she spent as a baby without her mother and starts offevolved to % her suitcase geared up to go away.


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