Better than u | Ep 8 Part 2

Better than u | Ep 8 Part 2

Efsun falls asleep in Emir’s arms as they wait all night for the situation of the affected person they operated on. Ali sees the two together and shakes the coffee cup, then leaves.

A questionable individual calls to the office and says that you’ll pay 300,000 bucks expecting that the experts do a movement, this deceived Emir and Efsun. On the other hand, Xhem and Burjhu spend tranquil and ardent minutes inside the kitchen together. The cleaner that Efsuni utilized has sorted out reality.

The deleted enlightens. Efsus that the person who dealt with her call is Emir. Efsun goes to challenge Pervi, and tells Emir that he’s a liar. Efsun leaves the sanatorium and is going to the bistro where Burxhu works. Serpil moreover comes there and with everything considered with Efsus they cry about their issue and come to be right amigos.

Emir issues approximately Efsu after she has found out the truth and is going out to search for him. Suddenly he sees him sitting near a park together with his near buddy, Sarp. Efsun tells Sarp that Emir hurt her lots and lied to her. Emir then sees them hand in hand and of path he begins to get jealous.

Emir tries to restore members of the family with Efsu and orders her food. Efsun is amazed when she sees an order on the door and says that she did now not order, however she understands that it’s miles from Emir.


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