Better than u | Ep 9 Part 2

Better than u | Ep 9 Part 2

While. Emir and. Efsun are going for walks faraway from the unknown? those who are following them, they have an coincidence and. Emir is severely? injured. Efsun could be very afraid that some thing will show up to Emir.

Emir is efficiently! despatched, to the medical, institution and happily survives. After he wakes up, he sees. Efsu at his head and kisses her as a sign of thanks and tells her that she is his medication. The newshounds don’t go away Emir or. Efsu on my own, going to the health center and now they may appear in the newspapers. Meanwhile, Efsun is displaying unique care to. Emir, but suddenly. Efsun’s father goes to go to Emir. Efsun wonders how her father found out and he tells her that Bekir from Antep has advised and that now the whole village is in front of the sanatorium in which. Emir is. Efsun can’t stand it and confronts Bekir.

Pervin worries about Emir and Efsun who have not returned from their experience and asks Emir’s secretary. Emir’s secretary unearths the information wherein she tells approximately, the incident that they both! had and indicates it to. Pervin, she is very disillusioned? and bowled over. THEN, all the group of, workers are amazed, with the information! of the incident.

Binnur maintains to recommend. Jashar on a way to behave with regards to his spouse who’s now going to divorce him. Also, they talk approximately. EMir and Efsun.


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