Better than u | Ep 10 Part 1

Better than u | Ep 10 Part 1

Years after the fact, Pervin and his dad, who got hitched at Efsun’s home, first spews outrage at him, and afterward at his little girl, who furtively met with her mom and works in her center. He repudiates Efsun. At the point when his dad leaves, Efsun takes his displeasure out on his mom. While Pervin is scattering, Efsun tracks down comfort on Emir’s shoulder.
Then Sevda, who we out of nowhere learn is Emir’s significant other, returns home. They got hitched when they were youthful, however at that point the lady left since she joined the world’s primary care physicians. They couldn’t get separated on the grounds that Emir couldn’t send the legally binding notes to him. In any case, Sevda vows to sign the legal documents.

Then, when he goes to the center with Emir, he offers assistance to Efsun, who is frantic despite an intriguing case. Efsun loves Sevda, one of the worker specialists. Emir attempts to let Efsun know that he is hitched so his untruth won’t be uncovered on this. Nonetheless, he can’t get Efsun, who is occupied.


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