Vëllezërit e mi | Ep 63 (Pamjet)

Vëllezërit e mi | Ep 63 (Pamjet)

My brothers – Episodi 63 Fragmant

Emel’s health condition is critical, so my brothers are on the verge, of death in the 63rd episode trailer, so she is hospitalized for the necessary, intervention.

My brothers, dragged to the brink of death, in the 63rd episode trailer, Emel’s health condition is critical, so she is taken to the hospital for the necessary, intervention. Omer, who sees. Emel’s situation, is devastated? by sadness, while Kaan, who is responsible for the incident, is on fire.

Kaan, who is frightened! by the possibility? of going to jail, demands support, from his father by saying “I hit a child, please help me”. Having the shock of his life, Ömer asks the police teams to punish, the one who hit and escaped his brother as soon as possible. On the other hand, while Akif learns the fact that Ahmet’s son is Ömer, it was mind-boggling that Gönül, who wanted to avenge,. Şengül, burned the minibus. While all these developments are taking place, it will become, clear in the new episode? that will be screened next week whether. Emel can win the battle for survival.


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