My brothers – Episode 63

My brothers – Episode 63

“Utilize that heart occasionally, it makes no side impacts; you look a piece human!”

Accepting that Ahmet Yılmaz isn’t his own dad, Ömer encounters incredible satisfaction, while. Asiye needs to go with an extreme choice in regards to the severe truth she has learned. Yasmin makes a slippery arrangement against Asiye to dominate the last game of the chess, competition; Ömerler battles from four sides to plan for the primary test of the term. Şengül, who is extremely aggressive against. Gönül, focuses in to show what her can do, while Sarp, who is extremely furious with. Ömer, jeopardizes the existence of an unforeseen individual with her turn.

My brothers, what happened in Episode 61?
“Brotherhood is such a sea that its bottom, can never be found…”

While the Eren brothers reopened their home to. Aunt Sevgi; Afra also decides to make a plan to make her mother happy. While important developments, continue! to be experienced? on the front of. Nebahat and Ahmet, Doruk, Asiye and. Oğulcan engage in a secret cooperation from Ömer. Nebahat’s new decision against Suzan causes a new beginning for Suzan and Akif. As Omer searches for the answer to the question that confuses him, Asiye faces a difficult choice.

The subject of the series “My Brothers”
It tells the heartbreaking struggle of 4 brothers who have no branches to hold on to but each other. In the series; Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel… These four brothers, who are close to each other, lose both their mothers, fathers after a series of unfortunate events. In the whole world, there is nothing they can do other, than holding on to each other, there is no hand they can hold.

This continues until the, doors of the college owned by. Akif Atakul, who caused what has happened, and thus their lives, are! opened, to these children… This new life, where the paths of the rich and the poor, the criminal and the victim intersect, transforms, everyone into a new person, while keeping the Kadir family alive, protecting their siblings and creating a new life. He will do whatever it takes to keep it together.


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