My brothers – Episodi 61 Part 3

My brothers – Episodi 61 Part 3

Omer, Asije and Emel are astounded, after they see that. Auntie Sevgi has come to their home. Sevgi inquires as to whether there’s room of their home for him, Omer in all actuality does never again waver and acknowledges it.

Auntie Sevgi begins to let you know how her own family, doesn’t adore her any longer as she is classic now, how they drove her despondent and crazy and the manner in not entirely set in stone, to give up the entirety of her abundance. Omer solaces him via letting him know that there is normally, a region for himself and that he did, well to take off and he could be exceptionally disturbed with Ahmet.

Ahmet goes to. Omer’s house to talk to Aunt Sevgi to persuade her to go back home, however she refuses. Orhan is status within the park even as Afra is seeking out him. When she reveals him, she tells him that. Gonyl is crying for her and offers. Orhan an concept on a way to win returned Gonyl’s heart, her plan succeeds and the 3 have a good time it.

Sheval is happy that Sevgi isn’t coming again home and makes a decision to trade the house to her liking. On the opposite hand, Shengyl receives recommendation from her friend to write to. Orhan after the combat he had with Gonyl. Thinking that their relationship has now ended, she writes to Orhan.

Afra sees the message on. Orhan’s smartphone and intentionally returns the message to Shengyl, telling him that, they have got damaged up with. Gonyl and invitations him to satisfy at a restaurant in Orhan’s call.


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