Donttoleame – Epizoda 76

Donttoleame – Epizoda 76

Bora and Esin met on a typical interest. She acknowledged Bora Esin’s proposal to cooperate to complete Emre. Emre, then again, went to Istanbul with an unexpected choice and didn’t illuminate anybody about his takeoff. Emre, who winds up in Istanbul to defend. Zeynep and to have. Esin detained, is with Pelin, who knows it all along. Will Pelin help Emre in this?

Zeynep needs to arrive at. Emre, however. Emre is practically lost. Zeynep, then again, can’t express stop to. Emre’s adoration in her heart, despite the fact that there have been terrible occasions among her and Emre, and she promptly begins searching for Emre. Zeynep is extremely apprehensive that, something has happened to Emre and requests that Bora for assist with finding Emre who isn’t anywhere near.

Tarık and Sıla, then again, begin arrangements at maximum speed to satisfy the generally existing marriage between them completely. Most importantly, another wedding? will be set up for. Tarık’s family, who has hardly any familiarity with this marriage; Nonetheless, when Seher learns a few realities, it will totally change the equilibrium, in the affection for Tarık and Sıla.

Emre set to the side the fantasies of a delightful future with. Zeynep and sought after Esin, who obliterated these wonderful dreams. So many camera! shots and such have been skipped, Emre goes to the start of the occasion, whenever. Cansu and Zeynep first met, and attempts to blame. Esin with the assertions given by. Pelin, who was directed by Zeynep in. Istanbul; in any case, Esin will likewise be liberated, from these allegations; Notwithstanding, Esin is from both her significant other. Vedat and her girl Cansu.


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