Mos më braktis 77 (Pamjet)

Mos më braktis 77 (Pamjet)

Emre sets up a major event for Bora and Esin. Albeit this move of Emre is tied in with losing. Zeynep, Emre has presumably, that he will win. Zeynep for a lifetime after this game finishes and. Esin is detained.

While Bora is attempting to win Zeynep back and. Esin is attempting to rejoin her family, which is going to self-destruct, Emre starts an arrangement that will have. Esin imprisoned and effectively defend Zeynep to everybody.

Then again, while Tarık is getting ready to let the entire family, know that he needs to wed Sıla, Meltem sets in motion an arrangement, that will fall like a bomb on Tarık and Sıla’s cheerful tentative arrangements.

This Week at Do not leave me
Once more troublesome times go on for Cengiz in the series Don’t Let Me Go; Cengiz, who originally discovered that the young lady he called his lady of the hour was a whore, is feeling better to hear that this is a criticism, yet presently the way that his child Tarık, whom he has kept away from in his eyes, is endlessly hitched to Sıla, a worker young lady, makes Cengiz be crushed.

As it is known, when Tarık was attempting to figure out how we were hitched, the separation case recorded by. Sıla fell under the control of Auntie Seher, Seher actually rushed to the town to figure out under what conditions Sıla and Tarık got hitched. In spite of the fact that Auntie. Seher gives an unlimited free pass to both Tarık and Sıla, it will be hard for Auntie Seher to conceal this reality from Auntie Seher.


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