My brothers – | Ep 62 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 62 Part 1

My brothers – Episodes 62 Part 1

Omer, who believes that Ahmet Yılmaz is not his own father, experiences great joy, while Asiye has to make a radical decision regarding the bitter truth she has learned. While Yasmin makes a sneaky plan against Asiye to win the final match of the chess tournament; Ömerler struggles from four sides to prepare for the first exam of the term. Şengül, who is very ambitious against Gönül, rolls up her sleeves to prove herself, while Sarp, who is very angry with Ömer, puts the life of an unexpected person in danger with her move.

Omer went to Suzan to get some information about reality with regards to his dad, when Asije, then again, comprehends reality with a DNA s test. Omer gets back homes and tells thems thats Ahmets isn’t his dad.
At the point when Omer cheerfully uncovers that he isn’t Ahmet’s child, Asije is grasping Adn’s letters andd at that point, shedd places the letter in her pocket. A while laters, Auntie Sevgi gets backded home and sees that something is off with Asia. what’s more, Asija is scarcely ready to contain herself from being miserable.


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