My brothers – | Ep 62 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 62 Part 2

My brothers – Episode 62 Part 2

Omer went to Suzan to get some information about reality, with regards to his dad, when Asije, then again, comprehends reality with a DNA test. Omer gets back home and tells that Ahmet isn’t his dad.

At the point when. Omer cheerfully uncovers that he isn’t Ahmet’s child, Asije is grasping. Adn’s letter and at that point she places the letter in her pocket. Subsequently, Auntie Sevgi returns home and sees that, something is the matter with Asia. what’s more, Asija is scarcely ready to contain herself from being miserable.

Gonyl says thanks to. Afra for the supper he set up for herself and Orhan, while. Afra informs him regarding the difficulty. Shengylirt caused. Shengyl then, at that point, enlightens Ogulca and Ajbike concerning Afra’s destiny. Ogulcan is extremely, disheartened by the young lady he cherishes, while. Ajbike feels baffled with her, then the two of them console Shengyl.

Nebahat is stunned, when he understands, that Ahmet is hitched. She calls Suzan on the telephone to tell her what occurred and welcomes her to work tomorrow. Suzan is cheerful about the way that she was not terminated, from her occupation as she was, removed from the house where she was residing. Akif recollects a thought of how to find a new line of work at Nebosh.

Asije has a discussion with Auntie Sevgi and lets him know that she presently realizes that Omer is her nephew. Teto Sevgi apologizes and says that Omer shouldn’t have the foggiest idea about reality since Ahmet doesn’t acknowledge it.


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