Mos më Braktis – Epizoda 84

Mos më Braktis – Epizoda 84

In the series Do not leave me, black news is heard quickly; Essence is dead. Despite all the interventions, Esin, who could not be saved, will eventually go under the ground with her sins. The news of Esin’s death changed all the balances. Although Bora wants to save. Esin by sending a man to the police as a confessor instead of Hülya, Hülya confesses her crime and prepares to surrender to the police. Although Hülya saves her daughter. Zeynep from the trouble of inspiration, Zeynep is now alone in this big and bad world; Hülya will no longer be with her daughter as her mother. Hülya thinks that she has a job to do before she goes to jail to support her daughter Zeynep. This job is to unite father and daughter, whose secret he has kept secret for years.

Before Hülya finally surrenders to the police, she prepares to tell Vedat the secret that he is. Zeynep’s father. Despite all their efforts, Emre and Bora could not keep Esin alive. Zeynep, on the other hand, takes action to prevent her mother from going to jail and rot in prison for years because of her. Will Zeynep be able to save her mother? What is Zeynep’s plan? So is. Esin really dead?

On the other hand, Sıla takes action to prove to Tarık and. Seher that Meltem’s suicide is fake. With the help of Mehmet, Sıla is after the reports in. Doctor Suat’s room. On the other hand, Meltem somehow learns that Sıla is after the truth and makes a plan.


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