Better than u | Ep 9 Part 1

Better than u | Ep 9 Part 1

While Emir and Efsun are running a long way from the obscure people who are following them, they have a bit of destiny and Emir is truly harmed. Efsun could be exceptionally apprehensive that something will make an appearance to Emir.

Emir is effectively despatched to the medical institution and happily survives. After he wakes up, he sees Efsu at his head and kisses her as a signal of thank you and tells her that she is his medicine. The journalists don’t leave Emir or Efsu alone, going to the hospital and now they may appear within the newspapers. Meanwhile, Efsun is displaying unique care to Emir, however all of sudden Efsun’s father is going to go to Emir. Efsun wonders how her father determined out and he tells her that Bekir from Antep has informed and that now the entire village is in front of the health center in which Emir is. Efsun can’t stand it and confronts Bekir.

Efsun’s father similarly sees the news spread on the web by the neighbors coming to the farm. He comprehends that his daughter is deceiving him. Ferdi Bey, who came to the middle in Istanbul, saw the photographs of his ex Pervin in the office, and comprehended that his daughter was working with him. Efsun, on the other hand, panics when she comprehends that she found that her father was lying. Ferdi Bey banters with Emir.

Binnur talks with Ferdi, whom she knows from the country, and endeavors to loosen up it. Talking with his young lady convinces him to tune in and brings him to Efsun’s back’s home. Exactly when Ferdi meets Pervin there, there is mind boggling pressure.

Binnur maintains to endorse Jashar on how to behave with regards to his spouse who is now going to divorce him. Also, they speak approximately EMir and Efsun.


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