Better than u | Ep 11

Better than u | Ep 11

At the point when Efsun and Binnur get back, they see that a party has proactively been coordinated in the yard and think that Emir is getting hitched, the two of them are stunned.

Emir coordinated this party to praise his separation with Sevda. Subsequently, Emir and Efsun begin drawing nearer to one another and their adoration begins to bloom. In the first part of the day, Emir plans breakfast for Efsu with his own hands and tells her that she has constructed a high position in the most gorgeous spot of his heart.
Middle class’ life is in peril after he went to work for an outsider. She calls her auntie, Binnuri, and along with Efsu and Emir go to help her. There, Burxhu get away, then, at that point, Efsun and Emir battle with the proprietor and his watchmen. Efsun can’t help herself and shows her abilities.

Efsun and Emir go together to the bowling alley. From that point forward, unexpectedly EfMir and their whole group end up in jail. At night, Efsun can’t let Emir and Sevda be a result of desire. Efsun goes to Sarp’s bar and converses with him, Sarp actually conceals his affections for Efsun.

Xhem and Burjhu have their most memorable kiss. Sevda admits to Emir that she experiences a terrible sickness. Efsun at last shocks Emir when she lets him know that she is presently dating somebody.


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