Better than u | Ep8 Part 1

Better than u | Ep8 Part 1

Efsun falls asleep in Emir’s hands as they wait all night for the condition of the affected person they operated on. Ali sees the 2 collectively and shakes the espresso cup, then leaves.

A suspicious person calls to the health facility and says that you’ll pay three hundred thousand greenbacks if the docs do an operation, this lured Emir and Efsun. On the alternative hand, Xhem and Burjhu spend non violent and romantic moments inside the kitchen collectively. The cleanser that Efsuni hired has understood the truth.

The purifier illuminates Efsu that the person that worked on she is Emir. Efsun will stand up to Pervi, and lets Emir know that he is a liar. Efsun leaves the sanatorium and is going to the bistro wherein Burxhu works. Serpil also comes there and along with Efsu they cry about their difficulties and become exact pals.

Emir worries approximately Efsu after she has realized the fact and is going out to search for him. Suddenly he sees him sitting near a park together with his close friend, Sarp. Efsun tells Sarp that Emir harm her lots and lied to her. Emir then sees them hand in hand and of route he starts offevolved to get jealous.

Emir endeavors to fix individuals from the family with Efsu and orders her feasts. Efsun is shocked while she sees a request on the entryway and says that she did now not organization, but she knows that it is from Emir.


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