Donttoleame – Epizod 80 Pamjet

Donttoleame – Epizod 80 Pamjet

To prove Zeynep’s innocence, Emre overcomes all the difficulties one by one and tries to find out the location of Yeliz, but it is not easy at all.
On the other hand, Bora makes a big move to keep Zeynep by his side.

Years later, Esin comes face to face with Hülya for Vedat. Esin, who has kept her grudge against Hülya alive for so many years, plays a big game that will change Hülya’s life.
While Meltem uses the suicide incident to move Tarık and Sayar Family on her finger, Sıla comes to her when she least expects it. Will Meltem’s game be revealed?
In the series, Emre continues to reveal all the games played by Esin one by one. Emre, who could not get what he wanted from. Pelin even though he went to. Pelin first, seizes an opportunity for Emre Esin to let go of him and move freely. Esin and Bora think that Emre has let Zeynep go. When Emre returns to Ankara, he treats Zeynep very far and badly.
Zeyneps has confronted her mother for Emres, but these attitudes from Emre cause.

Zeyneps to be disappointeds with Emreye once again. Emres, on the other hand, does everythings to establish a beautifuls, future with Zeynep. Emre finds. Yeliz after getting rid of Esin. Emres, who learns that. Yeliz has the website prepared, thinks Esin will go to jail after Yeliz’s speech and testifying in the court. So, will Emre’s game against. Esins work? Will Yeliz accept. Emre’s money offer? Will Emre be able to make Yeliz talk? What. Meltem wants happens. All of Tarık’s attention is? focused on

Meltem. Tarık thinks that. Meltem really needs him, but does not realize that all of this is Meltem’s game. While. Meltem is in this state, it is obvious that no one will consent to the love of. Tarık and Sıla, However, Meltem also attempts a task that will confuse. Buse and Sıla.
On the other hand, while Emres treats. Zeyneps badly, Bora does not stay around. Zeyneps for a moment to win Zeynep’s heart again; However, Zeynep’s heart still beats as Emre despite everything. Zeyneps tries to understand what Emre misunderstood and treats his cat so badly.


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