Better than u | Ep 7 Part 2

Better than u | Ep 7 Part 2

Ali’s kiss causes riots and the entire circumstance changes. Efsun answers earnestly to Ali letting him know how could he set out to kiss her. Emir leaves frustrated and deterred.

Pervin actually attempts to persuade Emir to get back to the facility, however Emir responds quickly by letting him know that he has chosen to return, this makes Pervin extremely cheerful. Binur illuminates Efsu about Emir, a cheerful Efsu salutes Emir for his choice, however he turns terrible.

Efsun is stunned when Emir lets him know that he will return, however she will leave the facility and that this ought to have been finished all along. Efsun starts to think that every one of the clues that he would leave were bogus and Emir affirms this, she leaves dissapointed.

Efsun is unbelievably annoyed about Emir’s words and goes to calm down in fact side of the shore, where Sarp relatively goes with him, where they cry together. Efsun, in tears, says that she has decided to return to Antep and that she has not an exceptional clarification to stay in Istanbul.

After the discussion with Sarp, Efsun gets back to her home and recollects the minutes she spent as a kid without her mom and begins to gather her bag prepared to leave.


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