Better than u | Ep 7 Part 1

Better than u | Ep 7 Part 1

Ali’s kiss causes riots and the whole circumstance changes. Efsun answers intensely to Ali letting him know how might he set out to kiss her. Emir leaves incensed and debilitated.

Pervin nevertheless tries to convince Emir to return to the clinic, but Emir reacts right now by means of telling him that he has decided to go back, this makes Pervin very glad. Binur informs Efsu about Emir, a happy Efsu congratulates Emir for his decision, however he turns bad.

Efsun is taken aback whilst Emir tells him that he’ll return, however she can depart the hospital and that that is what have to have been done from the beginning. Efsun starts to suspect that each one the pointers that he might resign were false and Emir confirms this, she leaves dissapointed.

Efsun may be very disillusioned via Emir’s words and is going to relax on the other facet of the shore, wherein Sarp additionally accompanies him, in which they cry together. Efsun, in tears, says that she has determined to return to Antep and that she has no cause to stay in Istanbul.

After the discussion with Sarp, Efsun gets back to her home and reviews the minutes she spent as a baby with out her mom and starts to p.C. Her bag ready to disappear.


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