Better than u | Ep 6 Part 3

Better than u | Ep 6 Part 3

Serpil attacks the center and requests a record from Emir for his choice and faults Efsu by reprimanding him. In the mean time, she doesn’t pass up on the chance to have a couple of words with Pervin.

After Xhem begins filling in as a server, Burxhu utilizes the potential chance to incite him and torment him with additional work. In the interim, a very notable person Emel Muftollu comes to the organization, where Emir and Efsun really focus on her and she considerates them as couple.

The patient who relies upon Emir goes to Efsun for check-ups and she doesn’t treat him in a serious way, then, at that point, she goes to Emir and her desire begins here. Emir and Efsun attempt to persuade Mrs. Emel to surrender the activity at any expense, however Emel doesn’t seem as though she’ll surrender.

Efsun, brimming with affection, plans lunch for Emir, yet Ali destroyed her arrangement without a second to spare and she doesn’t have any idea how to dispose of him. Emir on the ground floor is overflowing with envy and can’t remain without going to them and assaulting them.

Efsun and Emir figure out dinner for Emel. Then Ali goes behind Efsun where he is on the horse and kisses him. Emir sees this event and is stunned.


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