Better than u | Ep 6 Part 2

Better than u | Ep 6 Part 2

Kaja and Pervin, as colleagues and benefactors of the center, hold meetings about the break of Emir. Serpil, can’t stand it on account of envy when she sees them keeping hands intact.

Xem is filling in as a server subtly to his family and sibling who generally loathes him and feels humiliated when he needs to go to serve him, yet what shocks him is Emir’s way of behaving and the pride he feels for his sibling. Xhem obviously is blissful about this.

Efsu and the facility group could do without the way that Emir gets a proposition for employment from one more center and figure that he will leave, while Emir has totally different plans. In the interim, Pervin attempts to persuade Emir to forsake his choice to leave the organization.

During the discussion, Emir takes care to openness up Pervin by letting him know that Efsun is absolutely into her. Emir necessities to contact Efsu and tosses stones at her window to make her slip. Then, at that point, he reveals his yearning by telling Efsu not to meet Ali.

Serpil assaults the center and requests a record from Emir for his choice and faults Efsu by admonishing him. In the interim, she doesn’t botch the chance to have a couple of words with Pervin.


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