Better than u | Ep 6 Part 1

Better than u | Ep 6 Part 1

The choice that Ali will update Emir in the hospital shocks anybody, especially Emir and Efsu, and this causes them to fight amongst themselves.

The revolted Efsun goes to Efsun and asks him to account for the ultimate decision he made. There, Efsun realizes that it’s far all a plan for Emir to return to his function. Ali, alternatively, goes to Efsun’s friend to speak about her and their past.

Emir appears at the house where Ali is with Efsu and Efsu panics, doing whatever it may take not to allow Ali and Emir to fulfill. Emir and Efsun go out with everything considered to trip, yet when they return, through risk one of the ponies gets impressively more horrendous and Efsun mediates, while Emir is stunned.

Back to returned, Emir and Ali meet and Efsun is the person who stays among the 2 flares. Emir offers Efsun to send him home, yet Ali mediates and Efsun picks Ali to convey him home, and that is unequivocally in which Emir’s envy emergency starts.

Kaja and Pervin, as co-workers and shoppers of the sanatorium, keep conferences about the get away of Emir. Serpil, can’t stand it due to jealousy while she sees them preserving arms collectively.


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