Better than u | Ep 5 Part 3

Better than u | Ep 5 Part 3

After the resignation of Emir, the owner of the Clinic, Pervin returns to the Clinic, displeasing Efsun alone. Efsun asks her to leave and they argue among themselves.

Efsun makes a decision to surrender the health center as she feels responsible for Emir’s break out, but as always, Binnur comes to her side and restores her thoughts and reason. There Efsun makes a decision to show her energy as a customer. Emir went to his friend’s restaurant.

Efsun joins her there and sees Emir’s stunts within the kitchen, where she and her crew try and bring Emir back to the health center. When Efsun sees that she cannot convince Emir, she comes to a decision to make a movie theater at domestic and watch a film with Emir.

Her purpose is to excite Emir, but he still doesn’t change his mind. After reviewing the contract, Efsun notes that Emir does now not have the right to go away the sanatorium without observe and should live extra weeks before leaving, Emir shuts his mouth.

A final selection made by way of Pervin shocks all the health facility group of workers, but specifically Emir, as Pervin replaces him with Ali, Efsun is also greatly surprised with all of this.


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