Better than u | Ep 5 Part 2

Better than u | Ep 5 Part 2

In the eatery, where Ali and Efsun are eating, there is additionally the group of the facility where Emir goes along with them, yet when he sees both of them together, envy begins.

Emir can’t keep even headed out of desire and chooses to go to their table. Thereafter, Emir and Efsun at last sit together and examine among themselves. There they go through a few wonderful heartfelt minutes and a profound discussion where Efsun lets him know that he is envious of Ali.

After they finish supper, Efsun welcomes Emir to her space to make him cry with a beverage, yet Ali shows up at the entryway with champagne in his grasp, Emir could do without this by any stretch of the imagination and chooses not to go to Efsun, she moves upset and sends Ali away as well.

Emir’s mom, Serpil, can’t accept her ears when she hears that Emir has surrendered and obviously she faults Efsu. Subsequently, she severs relations with her better half and advises him to apologize to Emir and return to the facility, where he should be.

After the abdication of Emir, the proprietor of the facility, Pervin gets back to the center, making dismay Efsun. Efsun requests that she leave and they contend among themselves.


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