Better than u | Ep 5 Part 1

Better than u | Ep 5 Part 1

After Emir makes the statement that he’s eliminated from the leadership of the health center, all of us is greatly surprised, however he tells Xhana that it is all a recreation and the health facility is his.

Efsun learns that the famous physician who will come to the event may be Ali Biçakci, her ex-boyfriend. She asks Binnur’s help to cover from Ali and that they wear some bizarre clothes and appearance quite comical. Efsun continues to move after Emir to find out the fact.

As she attempts to persuade Emir to tell the reasons for leaving the health center, Ali appears there and she pretends she doesn’t know him and tells Ali to faux he doesn’t recognize her both, of path Emir doesn’t pass over this and ignores Efsun.

Efsun tries to hold the group on course after Ali’s departure, but they don’t even take him under consideration. Ali meets Efsu once more and invitations her to dinner after the coolest he did to her, and Efsu has to accept his invitation, in opposition to her will.

In the eatery, where Ali and Efsun are eating, there is moreover the group of the center wherein Emir goes along with them, yet while he sees them 2 together, envy starts.


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