My brothers – | Ep 58 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 58 Part 2

Omer is bowled over by means of what he sees, Berk is stunned in the pool, and Doruk is shocked via what he did. Omer jumps into the pool to get Berk out of there.

Ajbike, Susen and Oullxhan go back after escorting Omer’s visitors, then they see occasions and worry about Berk. They ask what passed off, Doruk looking to expose that he’s the motive, Berk interrupts, however Doruk tells again that he hit Berk and that he feels very horrific. Asije leaves the house after the combat with Omer, a boy harasses her on the way. Asije attempts to avoid him, however he doesn’t permit pass of them and in those moments Tolga and her sister see Asije and prevent to assist her, then Tolga’s sister invites Asije to their residence so that she can chill out and spend night there.

Omer apologizes to each individual for interfering with the party and lets them know the rationale. He issues around Asija and calls her, however Asija doesn’t select up the phone. Tolga’s sister feels horrible for Omer and takes the assortment from Tolga, calls Omer and lets him know that Asije is with them, Omer gets extremely cheerful.

While Asije is at Tolga’s, his father additionally seems there, behaves very badly with Tolga, Asije is amazed and at the equal time feels sorry for Tolga.


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