My brothers – | Ep 58 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 58 Part 3

Omer is bowled over by using what he sees, Berk is bowled over within the pool, and Doruk is stunned through what he did. Omer jumps into the pool to get Berk out of there.

Ajbike, Susen and Oullxhan go back after escorting Omer’s guests, then they see events and fear approximately Berk. They ask what came about, Doruk looking to show that he is the purpose, Berk interrupts, but Doruk tells again that he hit Berk and that he feels very awful. Asije leaves the residence after the combat with Omer, a boy harasses her at the manner. Asije attempts to keep away from him, however he doesn’t let move of them and in those moments Tolga and her sister see Asije and prevent to assist her, then Tolga’s sister invites Asije to their house in order that she can relax and spend night there.

Omer apologizese to anybody for him in to intruding on the birthdays party celebration and lets them know the explanation. He worries about Asija and calls her, however Asija doesn’t choose up the cellphone. Tolgas sister feels terrible for Omer`s and takes the number from Tolga, calls Omer and lets him know that Asijes is with them, Omer gets extremely blissful.

While Asije is at Tolga’s, his dad likewise appears there, acts gravely with Tolga, Asije is astounded and on the indistinguishable time feels frustrated about Tolga.


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