My brothers – | Ep 58 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 58 Part 1

Omer is stunned by what he sees, Berk is staggered in the pool, and Doruk is stunned by what he did. Omer hops into the pool to get Berk out of there.

Ajbike, Susen and Oullxhan return subsequent to accompanying Omer’s visitors, then, at that point, they witness occasions and stress over Berk. They ask what occurred, Doruk needing to show that he is the reason, Berk intrudes, yet Doruk tells again that he hit Berk and that he feels exceptionally terrible. Asije goes out after the battle with Omer, a kid pesters her on the way. Asije attempts to stay away from him, yet he doesn’t relinquish them and in those minutes Tolga and her sister see Asije and stop to help her, then Tolga’s sister welcomes Asije to their home with the goal that she can quiet down and go through night there.

Omer apologizes to everybody for interfering with the party and lets them know the explanation. He stresses over Asija and calls her, however Asija doesn’t get the telephone. Tolga’s sister feels terrible for Omer and takes the number from Tolga, calls Omer and lets him know that Asije is with them, Omer gets exceptionally cheerful.

While Asije is at Tolga’s, his dad likewise shows up there, acts severely with Tolga, Asije is shocked and simultaneously feels frustrated about Tolga. The sister solaces Tolga and encourages him by embracing him.


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