My brothers – | Ep 55 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 55 Part 1

Omer goes off the deep end while he understands that Shengyl wanted to wreck his cabin and advises her to escape his home in which he hears those expressions from Ogulcan and Ajbike.

Omer then laments those expressions and will communicate lament to Shengyl, but this isn’t generally adequate for herself and bitterly she chooses to stop the power and water for the youths. The following day they raised a ruckus via revealing the youths for burglary. This causes Auntie Sevgi to get angry with him, Omer could be exceptionally blissful. Gonyl comes to a choice to eat for Orhan’s kids and attempts to impact Ogulcan and Ajbike to move, but with out satisfaction. Omer and Susen go out to supper with Susen’s auntie, presently not the situation goes appropriately.

Doruk and Asije will prepare for the end of the faculty year. Ajbike does no longer forestall throwing phrases at Asia and Omer and ruins relations even greater with Berk. The plan of Suzan Ajla and Nebosh does no longer ignite and they are trying to get themselves out of the situation.

Parties and games are organized at faculty, but Ajbike does no longer emerge as part of Omer and Asija’s agency and goes to Tolga. In the end, Asia and Ajbike debate and an incident takes place.


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