My brothers – | Ep 54 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 54 Part 3

Shengyl goes off the deep end when she understands that Asije is working for the one who took her significant other and severs relations with them. Auntie Sevgi keeps on remaining in the bungalow with Eren.

Nebosh and Ajla’s arrangement works. Shengyl is severely connected to the Eren siblings. Akif understands that somebody has given multiple times the cost for the school and chooses to offer it to him. Ajbike discharges the stake to Omar letting him know that they are two unique families. Akif plans to open an organization for Doruk. Auntie Sevgi feels regret for her deeds when she was youthful, which destroyed Omer’s life. Shengyl places sheets in the yard so she doesn’t see her better half’s sibling’s kids.

Doruk is happy that Tolga’s dad didn’t buy the school. At last, Orhan and Shengyl separate. Suzan is unglued about Harika’s departure and says she as of now has just a single kid and he is Omer. Susen attempts to accommodate Ajbike and Asia, yet without progress.

Omar and Asiya understand that Shengyl has chosen to annihilate her cabin where they know it as their home and Omar goes off the deep end by wrecking her home.


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