My brothers – | Ep 55 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 55 Part 2

Omer goes loopy when he understands that Shengyl wanted to annihilate his cabin and advises her to escape his home in which he hears these words from Ogulcan and Ajbike.

Omer then regrets those phrases and is going to make an apology to Shengyl, but this is not sufficient for her and out of anger she comes to a decision to prevent the power and water for the kids. The subsequent day they made a huge fuss with the aid of reporting the kids for theft. This makes Aunt Sevgi get indignant with him, Omer is very glad. Gonyl decides to have dinner for Orhan’s children and attempts to persuade Ogulcan and Ajbike to go, however with out achievement. Omer and Susen go out to dinner with Susen’s aunt, not the entirety is going properly.

Doruk and Asije will prepare for the cease of the college 12 months. Ajbike does not forestall throwing words at Asia and Omer and ruins relations even more with Berk. The plan of Suzan Ajla and Nebosh does now not ignite and they are attempting to get themselves out of the scenario.

Gatherings and games are ready at school, yet Ajbike truly does presently not become piece of Omer and Asija’s undertaking and is going to Tolga. In the surrender, Asia and Ajbike banter and an episode happens.


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