My brothers – | Ep 51 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 51 Part 3

Everybody is astonished when the young ladies take them to the station and they attempt to make sense of the circumstance and consider Emir responsible for not keeping his promise and commitments.

Doruk, Berk, Omer and Ogulcan go to the young women occurring to staying close by in their most hazardous minutes, while Akif regrets the money he contributed and lost. Berk, Omer and Ogulcan decide to go facing Emir and Tolga to take out the case. Doruk has a plan to save the young women. He goes out for coffee with Emir’s sister, Dora, and nearby Oulxhan they get the keys to her home. Omar, Berk and Ouljan decide to take the most delicate point from the Emir, his canine “Bonnie”.

Akif chooses to move the offers to Suzan to save himself. Emel shocks Asia for Mother’s Day. Ayla needs to remove the young ladies from school, Berk goes against his mom. Shengyl again fights with Gonyl and she professes to be harmed.

The young ladies, subsequent to getting away from the significant weight on their shoulders, choose to make an unexpected lunch for the young men to say thanks to them for remaining by them.


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