My brothers – | Ep 51 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 51 Part 2

Everyone is surprised whilst the girls take them to the station and they try to provide an explanation for the state of affairs and keep Emir chargeable for no longer retaining his phrase.

Doruk, Berk, Omer and Ogulcan visit the women directly following excess near them in their most outrageous hard minutes, all the while as Akif grieves the money he contributed and lost. Berk, Omer and Ogulcan decide to challenge Emir and Tolga to take out the case. Doruk has a course of action to shop the ladies. He goes out for espresso with Emir’s sister, Dora, and overall with Oulxhan they get the keys to her home. Omar, Berk and Ouljan decide to take the most weak point from the Emir, his canine “Bonnie”.

Akif comes to a decision to switch the shares to Suzan to store himself. Emel surprises Asia for Mother’s Day. Ayla desires to expel the women from faculty, Berk opposes his mom. Shengyl once more quarrels with Gonyl and she pretends to be harm.

The girls, after escaping from the heavy burden on their shoulders, determine to make a marvel lunch for the lads to thank them for standing by way of them.


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