My brothers – | Ep 50 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 50 Part 1

After Emir’s vehicle sinks in the water because of them, the women, in a panic, do now not understand what to do, call an ambulance and leave in shock.

Ouljan and Ajbige are delighted to see Shengyl back domestic. Harika has not but recovered from yesterday’s case. Ouljan sees his father Orhan and Gonyl embracing. The ladies go to high school and can not accept as true with their eyes after they see that Emir is there. Emir, so as now not to file the ladies, he conditions them to do what he says and they virtually agree. Harika is pressured to eat the apple that Emir violates, Ouljan is angry about this. Emir forces Ajbike to steal the take a look at questions.

Emir’s plan works and Berk is blamed for stealing the questions. She is compelled to take the keys to Doruk’s coat pocket to give to Emir. He messes up the mayor’s room within the faculty so that it will blame Doruk and his plan also works.

In the cease, Susen is forced to paint Omar’s coat so that he too can be blamed. In the stop, after Emir gets what he needs, he has a surprise for all and sundry.


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