My brothers – | Ep 52 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 52 Part 1

Shengyl begins working for Nebosh and Ayla. Orhan can not get the considerations out of Shengyl after the things that are occurring among them and Gonul begins to comfort him.

Omar and Harika visit Susan and she gives the trust to Omar Harika. Akif is endeavoring regardless of what to save Susan. Gonyl and Orhan go out to dinner together and spend exquisite minutes, yet Shengyl ruins the second by going to the bistro. Harika can’t conform to life in the lodge. Ouljan and Ajbike comfort their mother. Susan challenges Akig again and judgments him, while Akif promises to save her and solicitations that she trust him, while Akif is taking off from the obligated people.

Emir attempts to aggravate Harika significantly more by inciting him and Omer blows up at that point and starts contending with him. Harika gets Akif in school and lets him know what rings a bell. Doruk feels frustrated about his dad and attempts to remain nearby him.

Asije and Ajbike begin working in a market, Berk and Doruk can not settle in and go to the young ladies’ work environment and are desirous of the young men who are there.


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