My brothers – | Ep 47 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 47 Part 1

After the conflict that Kaan and Susen have, both are shipped off the emergency clinic. Susen passes effectively, while Kaan dies and everybody blows up.

Ouljan and Omer choose to sell mussels. Tolga keeps on exploring about the mystery of Kaan and Susen. Omer and Ogulcan’s business is getting along admirably. Ajla and Nebahat become accomplices in Akif’s organization, he is extremely astonished. Berk and Ajbige have an excursion. Omer chooses not to sell mummies since they ruined others, but rather Ogulcan flies off the handle. Shengyl is desirous of the one who is seeking Orhan and makes arrangements with her companion.

Emel says she needs to get a few light tennis shoes like her companion, yet Asije and Omer can not bear to get them. Doruk wishes to get it, Asije denies. So he intends to make a shock to Emel that Asia can not deny thus it works out.

Shengyl’s arrangement turns out poorly on the grounds that she has befuddled the jugs she would toss in the food and subsequently, Ajbige, Ouljan, Omer and Emel faint.


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