My brothers – | Ep 47 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 47 Part 2

After the war of words that Kaan and Susen have, both are despatched to the clinic. Susen passes effortlessly, at the same time as Kaan passes away and everyone gets very upset.

Omer decided to activates mussels. Tolgas stay aware of to researchs regularly the secret of Kaan`s and Susenn. Omers to and Ogulcan’s business is doing fittingly. Ajla and Nebahat make to be associates in Akif alliance, he could be especiallys smothered.

Berk and Ajbige have a picnic. Omer decides not to promote mummies because they hindered others, but Ogulcan gets very disenchanted. Shengyl is jealous of the woman who’s courting Orhan and makes plans with her buddy.

Emel says she desires to shop for some light sneakers like her buddy, however Asije and Omer cannot manage to pay for to shop for them. Doruk desires to buy it, Asije refuses. So he plans to make a marvel to Emel that Asia can not refuse and so it happens.

Shengyl’s plan does now not move nicely due to the fact she has confused the bottles she might throw inside the food and as a result, Ajbige, Ouljan, Omer and Emel faint.


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