My brothers – | Ep 46 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 46 Part 3

Akif and Nebahat separate. Doruk communicates his adoration for Asia before the entire school. Ouljan kills Harika kissing the Emir and flies off the handle.

Akif isn’t supposed to wed Susanna. Tolga takes Doruk’s test and erases every one of the responses he had finished. Doruk is faulted for not finishing the test but rather Kaan is the person who saves him subsequent to seeing Tolga erasing them.

Tolga embarrasses Kaan after what he did and Doruk comes to his safeguard, then, at that point, brings him back home. Suzan does the practices for the wedding outfit. Nebosh and Ajla rip off Suzanne’s wedding dress. Asije and DOruk cry via telephone.

Akif again dismisses Kaan as his child. Doruk sorts out exercises for his sibling. Emir and Harika draw nearer to one another once more. At school they have an obligation to let something that know if it tells they can lose the individual they love and Susen needs to admit.

Susen can not bear it any longer and needs to come clean to OMer however Kaan doesn’t permit it since he might lose his dad. What will occur?


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