Better than u | Ep 3 Part 3

Better than u | Ep 3 Part 3

Efsun and Kaan’s kissing disturbs all adjusts and makes them extra horrendous. Efsun commits an enormous error when she wants to do right by each Kaan and the entire group.

Emir is going to have breakfast along with his own family and there he offers his mom the medicine that Efsu is making. The morning doesn’t pass so properly because Emir nevertheless argues to his father, those do now not revel in excellent members of the family with each-different.

Emir is preparing to go into careful activity and Efsun permits him get ready as she wants to talk around what happened excess evening. There she inquires as to why Emir kissed her, Emir gets a piece exasperating with feelings and tells her that he in no way, shape or form befuddles his own coexistence with his profession.

Efsun holds a assembly with the principle doctors of the health facility to inform them that she is now a accomplice in the organisation. Emir then makes Efsu irritated and tells her to ship her domestic by car, he manages to persuade her however she runs away once more.

Because of the name of the game from the beyond, this error destroys Efsun. When he feels maximum helpless, Kaan will come to his resource.


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