Better than u | Ep 3 Part 2

Better than u | Ep 3 Part 2

Efsun and Kaan’s kissing upsets all changes and makes them more tense. Efsun commits a significant mistake when she wants to show what her can do to both Kaan and the whole gathering.

Emir goes to eat with his family and there he gives his mom the medication that Efsu is making. The morning goes poorly on the grounds that Emir actually contends to his dad, these two despise great relations with one another.

Emir is getting ready to go into an operation and Efsun helps him with arranging as the need might arise to examine what happened the past night. There she asks concerning why Emir kissed her, Emir gets fairly tense with sentiments and tells her that he never dumbfounds his own reality with his calling.

Efsun holds a gathering with the principal specialists of the facility to let them know that she is currently an accomplice in the organization. Emir then drives Efsu mad and advises her to send her home via vehicle, he figures out how to persuade her yet she takes off once more.

In light of the mystery from an earlier time, this misstep obliterates Efsun. At the point when he feels generally powerless, Kaan will come to his guide.


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