My brothers – | Ep 60 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 60 Part 3

Omer attempts to give an explanation for himself that he isn’t always responsible and enters the workplace wherein Aunt Sevgi and Ahmet are, as she tells him that Omer is his son, thankfully Omer doesn’t listen this.

Ahmet’s son’s plan does not work and Omer isn’t always expelled from college. Omer, Asije, Ogulcan and Ajbike thank Aunt Sevgi for intervening in time and they’re sorry for her. Teto Sevgi then escorts Omer and Asije home, where she asks them if they’re sure they need to live in the cottage. Sheval is indignant with Ahmet that he gave up on Omer’s expulsion from the college. Ahmet is pressured to inform him that Omer is his son, so he couldn’t exclude him. Sheval receives even extra indignant with him, blames him for the betrayal, however Ahmet tells him that if he is going to break up, allow him do it.

Lejla calls Asija to inform her that Tolga is within the health facility and asks for their assist as she needs a donor. Omer and Asije quickly attain the clinic, Omer volunteers as a donor. Lejla then has to give a statement about the occasion that happened at domestic, Tarhan forces her to lie in opposition to her will.

Asije and Lejla have a conversation collectively, there Asije asks if their father had a hand within the Tolga incident, Lejla tells her that he does. Lejla then tells her the plans she has with Tolga.


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