My brothers – | Ep 60 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 60 Part 2

Omer tries to provide an explanation for himself that he isn’t guilty and enters the office in which Aunt Sevgi and Ahmet are, as she tells him that Omer is his son, thankfully Omer doesn’t pay attention this.

Ahmet’s child’s arrangement accomplishes never again work and Omer isn’t ousted from school. Omer, Asije, Ogulcan and Ajbike express gratitude toward Auntie Sevgi for mediating in time and they might be upset for her. Teto Sevgi then, at that point, accompanies Omer and Asije homegrown, where she inquires as to whether they are certain they need to reside in the bungalow. Sheval is disturbed with Ahmet that he abandoned Omer’s ejection from the school. Ahmet is compelled to illuminate him that Omer is his child, so he was unable to prohibit him. Sheval gets significantly more noteworthy angry with him, faults him for the selling out, however Ahmet lets him know that assuming he will separate, permit him make it happen.

Lejla calls Asija to tell her that Tolga is within the health center and asks for his or her help as she wishes a donor. Omer and Asije speedy reach the hospital, Omer volunteers as a donor. Lejla then has to give a statement approximately the occasion that took place at domestic, Tarhan forces her to lie towards her will.

Asije and Lejla have a discussion together, there Asije inquires as to whether their dad had a hand inside the Tolga occurrence, Lejla tells her that he does. Lejla then, at that point, tells her the plans she has with Tolga.


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