My brothers – | Ep 59 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 59 Part 3

Emel, Asije and Omer take off from Auntie Sevgi’s home after her child gets back. They stay sad in the city, yet at that point Orhan shows up and takes them with him.

Mahmut, Auntie Sevgi’s right-hand man, tells Ahmet and his significant other that the vagrants get back at Auntie Sevgi when she got lost and deal with her for some time, so she compensates them by welcoming them to reside in her home, but Mahmut doesn’t come clean about Omer. Gonul readies the beds for the Eren youngsters, along with Orhan they invite them to their home, despite the fact that Gonyl inside is getting extremely frustrated. There, Asije and Omer meet Gonyl’s girl, Afra, with whom they are in a similar class, yet they didn’t realize that she is Gonyl’s little girl.

Omer actually disagrees with the way that they were blamed and unreasonably charged for mishandling Auntie Sevgi’s thoughtfulness. Afra attempts to entice Ogulca subsequent to concealing that she is Gonyl’s little girl. Then again, Akif attempts to make Ahmet an accomplice in his new business, without realizing that he also has failed.

In school, the day doesn’t begin well, it begins with a battle among Omer and his stepbrother. The indignation between them increments as he affronts Omer for manhandling Teto Sevgi, Omer can’t handle it.


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