My brothers – | Ep 59 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 59 Part 2

Emel, Asije and Omer disappear Auntie Sevgi’s home after her child brings homegrown back. They stay miserable out and about, however at that point Orhan shows up and takes them with him.

Mahmut, Aunt Sevgi’s proper-hand guy, tells Ahmet and his wife that the orphans take revenge on Aunt Sevgi while she misplaced her way and cope with her for a while, so she rewards them by means of inviting them to stay in her house, but Mahmut does no longer inform the truth approximately Omer. Gonul prepares the beds for the Eren kids, together with Orhan they welcome them to their home, despite the fact that Gonyl inner is burning with anger. There, Asije and Omer meet Gonyl’s daughter, Afra, with whom they are in the identical magnificence, however they did no longer understand that she is Gonyl’s daughter.

Omer nevertheless does not agree with the truth that they were accused and unfairly accused of abusing Aunt Sevgi’s kindness. Afra tries to tempt Ogulca after hiding that she is Gonyl’s daughter. On the opposite hand, Akif attempts to make Ahmet a associate in his new enterprise, with out knowing that he too has long gone bankrupt.

In college, the day doesn’t begin as expected, it begins offevolved with a battle among Omer and his stepbrother. The resentment among them increments as he affronts Omer for mishandling Teto Sevgi, Omer can’t handle it.


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