My brothers – | Ep 46 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 46 Part 2

Akif and Nebahat divorce. Doruk expresses his love for Asia in the front of the entire college. Ouljan kills Harika kissing the Emir and receives very disillusioned.

Akif is not predicted to marry Susanna. Tolga takes Doruk’s examination and deletes all of the answers he had completed. Doruk is blamed for no longer passing the exam however Kaan is the one who saves him after seeing Tolga deleting them.

Tolga humiliates Kaan after what he did and Doruk involves his protection, then takes him home. Suzan does the rehearsals for the bridal robe. Nebosh and Ajla rip off Suzanne’s wedding ceremony get dressed. Asije and DOruk cry over the cellphone.

Akif again rejects Kaan as his son. Doruk organizes sports for his brother. Emir and Harika get in the direction of each other again. At school they’ve a obligation to inform something that if it tells they can lose the person they love and Susen desires to confess.

Susen can not undergo it any longer and needs to inform the truth to OMer however Kaan does no longer permit it because he may lose his father. What will appear?


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