My brothers – Episodi 61 Part 1

My brothers – Episodi 61 Part 1

Auntie Sevgi begins to let you know how her family doesn’t adore her any longer as she is old now, how they drove her miserable and crazys, and how she chose to surrender all her abundance. Omer solaces him by letting him know that there, is generally a spot for himself and that he did well to take off and he is extremely furious with Ahmet.

Ahmet goes to Omer’s home to converse with Auntie Sevgi to persuade her to get back, yet she declines. Orhan is remaining in the recreation area while. Afra is searching for him. At the point when she finds him, she lets him know that. Gonyl is sobbing for herself and gives. Orhan a thought on the most, proficient method to prevail upon back Gonyl, her arrangement succeeds and the three celebrate it.

Sheval is glad that Sevgi isn’t returning home and chooses to change the house however she would prefer. Then again, Shengyl gets counsel from her companion to keep in touch with. Orhan after the battle he had with Gonyl. Believing that their relationship has now finished, she keeps in touch with Orhan.

Afra sees the message on. Orhan’s telephone and purposely returns the message to Shengyl, letting him know that they have parted ways with. Gonyl and welcomes him to meet at an eatery in Orhan’s name.


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