Mos më – braktis 74 (Pamjet)

Do not leave me Let’s give a few tips before the summary of Episode 74 comes out. We said that Sıla will not die and that the love of. Sıla and Tarık will be with us for many more years. Tarık will search everywhere to find Sıla, and he will not be able to reach Sıla’s funeral anywhere. Although they say that Sıla is dead, Tarık will not believe that Sıla died without seeing her dead body.

Meltem, on the other hand, will make the comments that she finally found her trouble for Sıla, but when and how. Sıla married. Tarık will be the most important problem that confuses Meltem. Although Tarık says that. Meltem’s love can never be over, Meltem will begin to dream of a happy home with Tarık. In the absence of Sıla, Tarık will feel very bad and blame himself for. Sıla’s death.

There will be great improvements in the adoration for Emre and Zeynep. Cansu will at this point not separate Emre and Zeynep, who go on without motivation and go on with no issues. Despite the fact that Cansu is enamored with. Emre, she will trust that. Zeynep merits Emre more than she does and will uphold the connection among Emre and Zeynep.

We expect good scenes between. Vedat and Hülya. Vedat got rid of Esin. Will the game that. Acana Esin played for. Hülya years ago be revealed? This matter is very important. Zeynep, who was branded, as dishonest because of. Esin, will actually have grown up with the stigma of a child who was, adopted as an orphan because of Esin.


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