Donttoleame – Epizoda 73

Donttoleame – Epizoda 73

While trying to embark on a new path with Zeynep, Emre encounters a huge reaction. Hülya and considers finding evidence to make amends and putting. Esin is in jail. On the other hand, Esin asks. Cansu for help as a last resort so that the, images do not reach Emre, but Cansu turns her back. Inspiration comes to the end of the road.
Vedat gives the footage to Emre for Emre to watch and give to the police. Tarık learns that Sıla is alive. Tarık and Sıla are very close to correcting the misunderstandings between them and set sail for a beautiful love affair. On the other hand, Mehmet still does not learn that. Sıla is alive, asks. Meltem to account for the evil he has caused. Sıla all this time.
Sıla did not die in the series Do notleave me. The love of. Sıla and. Tarık did not end, on the contrary, the futures of. Sıla and Tarık were written! together; will continue? together.
So where is Sila? did not die on the bus? accident; If you ask me, a lover of. Sıla will take. Sıla and have her treated. In daily serials, we see a lot of loss of mind after accidents. Maybe. Sıla will lose her memory, but. Tarık will not believe that. Sıla is dead; because Tarık did not love Sıla so little that he could forget, them all at once. Meltem will also do her, best to prevent it.

Tarık from finding Sıla. In fact, I think. Mehmet will find. Sıla before Tarık. Tarık, on the other hand, will not believe, the police say that. Sıla Sayar is dead; won’t believe it. Meltem, on the other hand, will start. to investigate why. Tarık and. Sıla got married and why? they got married.
Zeyneps and. Emres, on the other hands, will find peaces with the, disappearance. Esin’s mess. All the games. Esin played will? be revealed. In Vedats, Emres and. Cansus will learn what. Esins is in Zeynep. Cengizs will no longer trust his wife. The decreasee in the sense of trust between Arzu and. Cengiz will actually bring an end. Arzu slowly; because.

Esin is already stuck and will ask? for support from. Arzu to get rid of it. If Arzu says she won’t help, she will threaten to reveal Tarık’s real father.
As it is known in. Do notleave me, Tarık is not actually. Cengiz. Sayar’s son. In the time of. Esin also caused trouble for Arzu. Esin’s filthy cousin was raped. Arzu during her, university years and left. Arzu pregnant. Arzu found the pregnant, carpet maker poor. Vedat and married her. Cengiz later, became a rich merchant.
Emre and. Zeynep will rein in love, but the pain of the blow. Bora received from. Zeynep will never pass. Bora will see Emre as the only culprit in Zeynep’s hatred of him and will make new plans to hold Emre accountable. No matter how hard Bora tries, Emre and Zeynep can’t hurt their love. But. Zeynep cannot easily become. Arzu’s bride. A very special bond will develop between them. Arzu and. Zeynep in the coming weeks.


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