Better than u | Ep4 Part 2

Better than u | Ep4 Part 2

The quarrels among Efsun and Emir keep as they can’t decide who’s right. Serpil is obsessed that her husband is dishonest on her and wants to realize with whom.

Efsun went to the medical clinic where her mom become worked on and the person in question moved out of her room on the excess second, however Efsun reached the chemical to get realities about who became there. Emir, then again, visits Dispense’s impacted individual.

A famous persona comes to the health facility and enters Efsun’s care. The fireplace between Efsu and Emir has no aim of going out. They argue again and inform each different that one of them will leave the sanatorium and that they need to play with fire.

Afterwards, Emir and Efsun visit Xhem and Burjhu, who’ve had a small incident and can’t escape with out being reprimanded. The doctors of the medical institution communicate approximately Emir and Efsun, they need to peer the marriage of those ultimate , which makes them stunned.

Emir invitations a guest to his house, however when he hears Efsun’s screams, he is going to her residence and sees that she is looking a soccer fit and remains together with her until morning.


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