Better than u | Ep 2 Part 1

Better than u | Ep 2 Part 1

Emir hurriedly kisses Efsu to cover from his ex-lady friend who become stalking him, however then blames Efsu, she tells him that she didn’t kiss him.

Emir is going to have breakfast along with his family and there he offers his mother the medication that Efsu is making. The morning doesn’t move so nicely due to the fact Emir still argues to his father, those do now not enjoy excellent members of the family with every-different.

Emir is on the spot of move into a medical procedure and Efsun helps him with preparing as necessary to talk around what inhaled simple. There she asks regarding the reason why Emir kissed her, Emir gets a piece mentioning with sentiments and tells her that he not a tiny smidgen frustrates his own world alongside his calling.

Efsun holds a assembly with the principle doctors of the health facility to inform them that she is now a partner inside the company. Emir then makes Efsu indignant and tells her to ship her domestic via car, he manages to convince her however she runs away again.

Efsun and Emir take over the operation of a woman who deceived them. As her circumstance worsens, Efsun recollects her painful beyond and will become sad.


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