My brothers – | Ep 57 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 57 Part 2

After Auntie Sevgi left to recover, she shocked Omer, Asije and Emel by abandoning her home and property, the existence of the three changed a ton.

Each of the three are partaking in their prime as rich individuals. Then again, Oullxhan and Ajbike get back from the town where they remained the entire summer, while Shengyl has stayed quiet about her pregnancy from Orhan and her kids. In the interim, Orhan proceeded with his existence with Gonyl. Akif has tumbled to the most reduced conceivable point and his life has now become damnation. He races to Suzan, to Nebahat, yet not a single one of them acknowledge him at home, so he unavoidably goes to Shengyl and requests that she stay in the house where Omer, Asije and EMel used to remain.

Suzan has begun functioning as a chief at a café and her relations with Nebosh and Ajla are very great. After the three-month break, the youngsters start the new season at school and everybody is astonished to see Omer and Asija with their extravagance vehicle.

Each beneficial thing has a terrible side. Omer can’t get enough of partaking in each snapshot of being rich, this is stressing Asija and the others a considerable amount.


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